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Hunter Information

Camp Descriptions:


We hunt boreal forest, (bush) and farm land.

All bush style hunting is done from heated blinds with two-way radios for communication with guides

Ground blinds and Tower blinds are the primary method of hunting!

Your accommodations  will be  a very nice camp.  All bed and bath linens are provided in your accommodations. You will have a hot breakfast and dinner, lunch will be packed for you and taken to your area with your hunting gear.


General Itinerary:

Saturday Prior to your Hunt Start:
You will fly into Edmonton, Alberta and make your way to Athabasca, AB. You can overnight at the Nisku Inn (Edmonton) 1-800-661-6966 or the New Western Inn (Athabasca) 780-675-2294, or come straight to camp. If you are renting a car and like to meet up with other hunters, please contact us and we can get you in touch with someone that wants to share the rental. If you need transportation from Edmonton, we can help with the arrangements for an additional fee.

Sunday *  Once in Camp you will sight in your rifle and have a short orientation of the game laws in Alberta .   Sunday night will be spent in your hunting camp.

Monday Saturday:
Hunting starts on Monday morning and ends on Saturday evening, you have 6 full days of hunting.

Saturday Evening (or last day of hunting if you have an extended hunt)
You leave our camp.
Sunday (or day following your last day of hunting if you have an extended hunt):
Recommended day to fly out after your hunt.

* we consider this a prep day for your hunt, we may or may not hunt on Sunday



The following information is a brief on hunting, climate, and equipment suggested for your hunt.

Clothing should be light but warm for the first hunts of the season.  Temperature varies from 40 degrees to 10 degrees above with possible snow and rain.

The later season hunts could be much colder, 0 degrees or colder.  Most of our hunting is done from a vehicle or stand; however, occasionally we still-hunt.  WARM CLOTHES are a must.




1)  Rifle  (deer weights in the 250 to 300 lb range so bring a rifle big enough)
2)  Binoculars
3)  Knife
4)  Sunglasses
5)  Warm Underwear
6)  Jeans
7)  Extra Socks
8)  Warm Shirts
9)  Boots & House Shoes
10)  Soft Gun Case for transport of gun to stand.
11)  Range Finder (optional but very useful)


12)  Down Vest or Wool   
13)  Down Jacket or Wool   
14)  Gloves or Mitts   
15)  Day Bag For day stuff  (extra belongings may 
be put in back of truck)
16)  Shooting Glove Golf glove is best,fits under 
17)  Hand Warmers
18)  Thermos for Transport of Hot Drinks to Stand
19)  Warm Hat   
20)  Sweater  
21) Grunt Call


High-visibility Clothing

In Alberta , there is no requirement to wear high-visibility clothing (such as red or hunter orange) while hunting.

We remind all hunters that safe hunting practices are always our top priority. Be sure of your target and what is behind your target!



NOTES  --  Odds and Ends --  

1.  You might want to consider travel / trip insurance to cover your cost in the event you are not able to make your hunt.  There are various vendors that offer this insurance at reasonable cost.   We do not refund deposits or payments, you can however substitute a hunter up to 30 days prior to your hunt date.

2.  Transportation of Fire Arms --- Canada now requires all hunters register firearms coming in for hunting.   Some of our hunters have been issued a PAL # during the 2001 season that is valid for 5 years.  If you do not have a PAL # do not worry, you can get a temporary registration.   We will provide the form and instruction for your temporary permit that will be valid for 60 days.  This will cost you $50.00 Canadian and will be due at Canadian Customs.
Note - Guns need to be in a locked hard case - ammo should not be packed in the same case as your gun but rather in a separate bag - ammo should be in NEW boxes and not contain loose cartridges.

3.   Most of the major car rental companies have offices at the Edmonton International Airport .

4.  A valid passport is now required to enter Canada .

If you've been convicted of a felony in the last 5 years, please call us for advice.   

5.  Please be considerate of your food servers during your stay.  A tip is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated 
by the wait staff.




Documents: Download all necessary documents from the section below.


Contract:      Upon booking  -  two copies of the following contract will be issued . One for your file and the other for our files.

Download the following contract: Contract between Hunter and North River Outfitting.pdf

Send all deposits to :  

North River Outfitting                            
P.O. Box 238
Athabasca, Alberta, Canada T9S 2A3     

Phone: 1-780-675-1942                    
email: maria@ronnemetchek.com for contact info.


Download the Canadian Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form: Canadian_Non-Resident_Firearm_Declaration_Form.pdf